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Respect Kingly T 

Kingly T

Jamaica / United States 

The musical journey of Kingly T began in Jamaica where he served as lead guitarist for the group known as ‘Ninja Force’. Kingly T helped modernize the idea of soul and reggae melding with modern pop conventions. During the late 90’s, he spread his unique brand of music around the world and traveled through a number of different countries including Mexico, Japan and the United States. 

In 2007 he released his debut album “Unity”, which achieved commercial success with its unique blend of reggae, soul and jazz elements. In 2010 he released his follow up album ‘Rock It With Me’, which built upon the unique brand of music that the previous album helped solidify and brought his style even more into the mainstream. This allowed him, with the help of international exposure to craft perhaps his best album, ‘Live the Life’ in 2013. Focused on a positive message and bolstered by complex and textured musical arrangements, ‘Live the Life’ was the foundation for what his next albums would eventually produce. Kingly T’s most recent album ‘Life In The City’ erupted onto the scene in 2015 bringing his listeners roots reggae, lovers rock, party music, and a little dancehall too. 

The perfect infusion of soul, reggae and jazz, ‘Got It All’ truly lives up to its title. As his fifth album to date, it is the apex of his musical journey. It’s the album that everything up to this point has been fueling, and the end result is something truly noteworthy. In terms of lyrical content, listeners will get a first-hand glimpse into the creative process. 

Each track has been arranged in such a way that it moves the listener through the album one track at a time. The timing and lyrical content supplement the carefully crafted songs to create an immersive experience that is unlike any other. Touching on relevant social topics and the struggles that we all experience, the music allows the listener to connect with the artist to an unrivaled degree. 

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Kingly T to Perform at Union Brewing Company Reggae Fest 2015 

Tomorrow Carmel Indiana will be blazing hot with the sounds of Kingly T and a host of other performers,don't miss it!!!
An All Day & Night Party!!! Great tunes, Awesome Beer, Homemade Eats, and Positive Vibes. Featuring performances by Ryan Gibbons, Rockstead, Circle City Deacons, Kingly T, DanOmega, & Elementree Livity Project

Kingly T to Perform at 5th Quarter Lounge Indianapolis on July 3rd 

Kingly T will be doing an independence weekend show at
The 5th Quarter Lounge
306 Prospect St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225
on Friday July 3rd Independence weekend in Indianapolis.This is your chance to see a great reggae show by a mid west based international reggae act.Opening up the night wil be Crucial P and Skee tha Menace, followed by Dan Omega. Then the King will grace the stage,tickets are only $5 showtime 9pm,good weather is expected, so there is no excuse not to come out and enjoy a great night.

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  • Carla Chin

    Carla Chin

    Love the music

    Love the music

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    rosanna d'alberto italy

    really like it......more love and go on, rasta....

    really like it......more love and go on, rasta....

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    trish nielsen australia

    blessup king awsome :)

    blessup king awsome smile

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    Blessed Love King

    Blessed Love King

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